Welcome to Kimberly's Creations!

Candles, Soap, Scented Sprays, Body Wash & Wax Melts...

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes & Bird Feeders...

My wine bottle wind chimes are one of my best sellers!

I can make them using green, clear or brown wine bottles and can use a flower  (colors may vary) or no flower. Each bottle will have its own unique wire design, a charm and beads .

Another  popular item is my wine bottle bird feeders! The birds love

to sit on the saucer while they dine.

Flower colors may vary. Clear or brown bottles may be used.

Bottle Lamps...

I love making bottle lamps because they are unique and such a great conversation piece! I have various bottles to use. Check my Shop page 

for a list of bottles I have available (or message me if you do not see

the brand you want because I may have it).

***All lamps will come with either a white, light gray or black lamp shade.

Cell Phone/Tablet/Recipe Stands...

My cell phone stand is perfect for keeping your phone at just the right

angle for viewing videos, following recipes, or reading email. It can also hold a tablet.

The stands can be painted in many colors. Specialty stands can also be made in two-tone designs to represent your favorite sports team, cheer squad, etc...  

The stands can be made 

with or without the faux

rhinestone bling.

I can personalize the stand by

adding a first name on the back

of the stand for no extra charge.


These 'Minis' were created using the bottom cut portion of a wine bottle and are perfect for holding your rings, earrings, paperclips, staples, nuts, jelly beans and more. 

Fairy Bottle Lights...

You can add bling at the top and bottom with no extra charge.

No more battery operated lights! Use plug in lights instead.

The cord comes out from the bottom, so no light cord shows from the top!

(Wooden block shown is not included)

 I hope you enjoyed browsing through my shop. Thank you for visiting my website!